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Got R Done


Saturday in the woods was the best day all year so far for me and my hunting partner's son, Houston. I spooked several deer slipping into the acorn patch that morning, but I continued on and set up the summit in the oak tree I hunted the day before.

The morning started cranking up, squirrels, crows, hawks, cows, dog hunters next door and the whole deal. A little after 8am I was texting back and forth with my wife and hunting buddies a little, and I looked up and saw a deer make a couple of bounds like she saw me and was about to spook. Well, then she started walking towards me and she was about 100 yards down through the open hardwoods. I thought something was up and then I see another deer, shouldered the 270 and could only catch a little view of horns and was pretty sure he was not much better than a cow horn. He snorted real loud at her, and she took off, and he was grunting every breath as they went straight away from me and out of hearing.  I have seen this before and knew I was sitting all day after that happened.

Five minutes pass, and I see another deer, yep, 6 pointer headed toward the action.
He walked up through there tracking it out and was gone. Thirty minutes pass, and everything settles down, breeze starts picking up, and I am trying to remember whether there was a Cliff bar left in my pack, so it would make all day sitting a little easier on the belly, and boom!, there she is.  She popped out from a little grassy pasture area on my
right at about 40 yards and spooked me pretty good. She walked on down heading toward the first spot where I saw her. I was getting pumped and hoping she was the hot one and there he was. He stopped at the edge of the woods, and there was no question, I was shooting if the shot presented itself.

He stood there licking his nose for a few seconds with the sun showing off those white tines. I couldn't get a read on how wide he was, but he looked good enough. He walked a few steps and then started trotting.  The safety went off, and I shouldered the rifle
and was trying to get him in the scope.  I even tried that "mehht" sound you see the pros do on TV, but didn't work. Luckily, he stopped after he got through the open area right there in front of me. I had about a 7 or 8 inch gap between some trees, and it was all I needed.  Squeezed off, and he went straight down, not even a single kick far as I could tell. The doe trotted off and even came back and hung out a while. Now, a little nerves kicked in, and I started breathing pretty hard.

After a little texting, skinning, and eating, we headed back out. I told my buddy it would be crazy for someone other than me to not sit in that same tree, and he agreed. So I drop him off and me and Houston head in and I get him all set up in my summit and headed off to
another stand. Houston is 14 about to turn 15 and gets ants in his pants from time to time. I told him to please try and sit still. Well, I get to my tree, and we are texting back and forth.   You know, "u c any," "what time u think they will start moving?," and all that.

He saw a bunch of turkeys, so I figured he must be sitting pretty still.  Around 4:25 or so, he's texting me and I'm texting him back that things ought to be picking up soon to try and sit still and boom! the 243 went off before he received the text. I thought,  "O' Lord, he has done accidentally fired or something!" but then I hear some limbs crashing and scuffing around and thought, "Well, maybe?" and then I get the text "got him Bo!"

I said, "What?"

He said, "Yeh, 8 pointer!"

I said, "Boy, you better not be telling me a story!" and he promised, so I said to sit tight. He waited a while but it didn't take long and he said, "When you coming to get me?"

So I waited and slipped down about 5:35 and went up there to see this 8 pointer which I was sure it was going to be a cow horn or something. We struck out down through the woods and sure enough, there he laid. I don't care what anybody says, the 243 will wreck a deer.

We went and picked up his pops and fooled him into thinking it was a cow horn and man you should have seen him light up when he saw what his boy had done, and I was so pleased that it was him sitting in that oak. Also, Houston would want me to make sure you all know that it was a 9 pointer and not an 8. Indeed he is and a good one for a first buck.

My deer was 16 and 7/8 wide with 7.5 inch G2. Houston's was 15 and some change and both deer weighed in at 150. Taken in Franklin County, NC.

"Y'all get in the woods, now, they's hot does out there!"

Billy Barrier

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