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A Hunter's Prayer

Heavenly Father as I come before you with star lit eyes;
I can see all your greatness in the early morning sky.
I am so thankful for all you have bestowed;
And pray that I may walk the straight and narrow road.

As I sat here waiting for the first light of dawn;
What will I see, a great buck, a doe or just a fawn.
I pray that I might be a good steward of your beautiful land;
That I will protect, conserve and pass it on to my fellow man.

I pray that you give me calmness as a herd bull in the black timbered trees;
For Lord it is your will I earnestly try so hard to do and please.
Dawn is here, the rays of sun light sparkles on frosty ground;
It is in this pristine moment that I am often found.

I pray for the lost that they may see, The Savior that guideth me;
I thank you Lord for dying on the cross to set me free.
I pray for the sick, my church, family, friends and even foe;
Oh look! There comes a great 10 point buck and a doe.
Lord I pray that my arrow will pierce the heart;
That my bullet will be true and hit the mark.
I ask you to bless each hunter that enters my gate;
And to bless the food that fills their plate.
Lord as I close this prayer, I think of your eternal plan;
I pray that you will forgive our wrong, for we are only man.
I thank you for your forgiveness, mercy and Love,
May your Spirit descend on us from above.

Mark Tyson
Mt Creek Farm and Outfitters, Inc
Ellerbe, NC 28338 
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