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Bucky Hauser Deer Hunting Tips

Bucky Hauser

Mossy Oak ProStaff

Whitetail Regional Manager (WV, VA, NC and SC)

Q: How important is pre-season scouting?
A: Pre-season scouting is as important as the hunt itself. It lays the groundwork for opportunities to successfully take quality animals.

Q: How do you go about scouting in the early season before the bucks are making scrapes?
A: Trail Cameras

Q: Do you prefer hunting in the woods or along agricultural fields?
A: I hunt as conditions allow. Some farms we hunt are wooded and others are primarily fields. I have found early season crop field edges are generally productive due to the abundance of food and close cover.

Q: How high should hunters hang their treestand?
A: I generally like to be above 20 feet. Regardless of your height, thermals and wind conditions play a major role in stand locations.

Q: Can you have success hunting from the ground?
A: Yes. Ground blinds are a crucial part of my hunting gear. It is hard to beat a brushed in blind on days when rain or wind are contributing factors of the hunt.

Q: Are doe or buck decoys effective?
A: Yes. In the right circumstance decoys are highly effective. I have found the pre rut to be the most effective time for the use of a decoy.

Q: Is scent control important when hunting from a treestand?
A: Yes

Q: What calls do you carry?
A: I always carry a variety of deer and predator calls. Generally a bleat, fawn distress and grunt call.
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