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   CK-4 MG Arms
   Prostaff rating: 1-5
 Positive input on the product and how it was used: 
 I had the privilege of doing a product review on the CK-4 Chambered-in 223. This rifle is built on an AR platform and like Kerry O'day at MG ARMS says “It's everything a good, solid AR platform should be—and more. Built to do the job; built to last.”

  • Extremely accurate with single shot placement and with multiple rounds being fired
  • Match grade barrel
  • Versatile; Great choice for deer, hogs, coyotes, ground hogs as well as target shooting
  • Compact design
  • Nice camo patterns with lots of custom color options

It’s match grade barrel ensures the accuracy needed for the .223 round to hit it’s mark. I was able to take several does with this gun as well as a small hog. I would not have hesitated to harvest a large hog if the opportunity had presented itself.

I love how versatile this rifle is. It's compact design allowed me to stalk deer and hogs. And  with a quick pull of the stock, it became an accurate long gun. I was able to make a head shot on a doe at 200+ yards.

 Negative input on the product and what could be improved:
 MG ARMS has done a wonderful job building this rifle, and I really couldn't find anything to negative to say about it. That's what is so great about an AR platform hunting rifle; it is so easy to change the gun to suit your individual needs. From the chamber all the way to a simple pistol grip. I didn't have a single problem with this gun. Even after 300 rounds of mil Surp ammo it never jammed. It is a very solid platform. And with reloads, the rifle performed above most hunter's standards as far as accuracy goes.

 What you were most impressed about?:

Accuracy. I have always hunted with bolt action guns due to their proven accuracy. If a gun is not accurate, it is useless to me. This gun proved to be very accurate.

 Would you recommend this to a fellow hunter?:  YES
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