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     Easton ST Epic 300 Carbon Arrows
by Drew Fleming


   Prostaff rating: 1-5
 Information About Product:
 Easton ST Epic arrows are Easton’s mid-priced line of hunting carbon arrows.  They are made from carbon “nano-tubes” which  supposedly makes the spine of the arrow more consistent around the circumference of the arrow.  They incorporate Easton HP inserts and Easton H-nocks.
  • Very durable carbon arrow with mid-grade specs
  • Small diameter and higher GPI for increased penetration
  • Heavier weight arrow quiets bow
  • Heavier weight arrow carries more momentum down range, decreasing effects of wind drift
  • HP-4 Insert is longer for better alignment in arrow shaft
  • H-nocks are light weight, slim, and tapered to arrow diameter for “hood” deflection when target practicing 
  • Heavier weight for hunting purposes; will lower speeds
  • HP-4 insert does not allow use of insert weight adapters
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