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Jason Patterson Waterfowl Hunting Tips


Jason Patterson

Mossy Oak ProStaff

Waterfowl Regional Manager (MS Flyway)

Question: What do you look for when scouting for places to hunt ducks and geese?
Answer: First a natural flyway is your first logical place to begin. Second, a food source is a major plus. On the ground scouting is the best way to determine – the ducks will show you where they want to be.

Question: How do you decide on your decoy placement for ducks?
Answer: I go with a basic horseshoe spread and then tweak it depending on what the ducks want. I keep it pretty simple.

Question: Do you use different decoy patterns when setting up? Do you change the spread during the hunt?
Answer: Yes, basic horseshoe at first, then adjust to what the ducks want. You have to change to stay productive and use the most realistic decoys you can afford.

Question: Do you use layout blinds when field hunting for ducks & geese? If so, where do you place them in your decoy spread?
Answer: Yes, at times, if the water is not too deep, I will use it if I can get away with it

Question: How do you conceal your blind and hunting area?
Pit blinds – usually grass or vegetation native to the area
Above ground – Mossy Oak in this area, but use what is natural to your location.
Boat – Pop-up blinds or natural vegetation
Layout – Match the blind and area you hunt with what is available.
Your Dog – same as above

Question: What are your basic calling tips for ducks?
Answer: I like to be aggressive on ducks but less is best is usually the best all around approach – again the ducks will show you what they want.

Question: What are your basic calling tips for geese?
Answer: Loud and aggressive.

Question: How can I be a more consistent shooter on ducks & geese?
Answer: Shoot a lot. Skeet and sporting clays help tremendously. Dove hunting is also great.

Question: Do you use different chokes in your shotgun depending on the type of hunting?

Answer: Yes, it all depends on how far your shots are going to be. Modified chokes are an all-around good choice. Second choice is improved cylinder.

Question: How can I attract waterfowl to private property?
Answer: Food first and foremost – BioLogic makes a great attractant. Corn, rice, millet, and soybeans are also great attractants. If you can provide a place for them to seek refuge, that is another plus.

Question: How do you introduce youth to waterfowl hunting?
Answer: Keep it fun and simple.

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