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  McKenzie Scent Duffle Bag


   Prostaff rating: 1-5
 Information About Product:
 The bags promote a simple, environmentally-friendly concept: Prevent the rapid growth of bacteria in your sports bag using aeration/ ventilation through a built-in fan system.

At Ultimate Hunting, we used this product for a whole season and killed several deer and never had a deer wind us. We TRULY believe in this product and how it works.

  • Plenty of room for all you hunting clothes
  • Love the fact you can plug it up in your truck, and it will start working on pulling moisture from your clothes that would normally cause bacteria to form and that animals can smell
  • Quiet fan
  • With the home and car adapter, you can run the bag anywhere
  • Scent bag is pretty big and several times was the only bag we would take on a trip, but not enough side compartments for other items

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