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Parrey Cremeans Big Game Hunting Tips

Parrey Cremeans

Mossy Oak ProStaff

Big Game Regional Manager (CA, OR, WA, ID and NV)

Q: Should I hunt Western Big Game on my own or with a guide or outfitter?
A: That depends on what you are looking for. There is plenty of information available to have a successful DIY (do it yourself) hunt. If you are short on time or unsure of your resources, by all means hire a guide. I would talk with a local guide regardless.

Q: If I need a guide, how do I find a good one?

A: The Internet is a great start, blogs and forums. Check the state game agency for licensed guides. Be sure to talk to a number of guides and ask for references to confirm the correct choice.

Q: I hear that a lot of Western outfitters are ranchers. Do they make good guides?

A: Certainly. They will know the ground and the animals. As with any guide, research to be confident you have made the correct decision.

Q: How much research should I do before booking a hunt out West or in Canada?

A: As much research as needed to give you the confidence that your hunt experience will be what you plan and expect.

Q: Is fitness as important as I hear when it comes to hunting out West?

A: The terrain out West can be taxing for sure. Get in the best physical condition you can. It would be a shame to have your hunt end with no success because you could not make it up the hill.

Q: Are combination hunts worth it? Example: Deer/Elk, Bear/Caribou or Moose/Goat.

A: If you have the time, certainly take advantage of a combination hunt. If you are looking for a trophy, I would focus on one species.

Q: Can I hunt big game out West with the same set up I use back East for hunting, either bow or gun?

A: Yes. Confidence in your weapon and knowing your effective range is paramount.

Q: I hunt back East with a bow and only shoot 20-30 yards. Do I have to practice and be able to shoot out to 50 yards and beyond?

A: As with any weapon, you need to practice at whatever range you intend to take a shot. Confidence is once again paramount.

Q: What is the industry standard for tipping your guide or outfitter?

A: I do not know of an industry standard. I would think 15% is a good guideline. Base your tip on how your experience was.
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