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Parrish Elliott Deer Hunting Tips

Parrish Elliott

Mossy Oak ProStaff

Whitetail Regional Manager (TN, GA, AL, MS, AR and LA)

Q: What time of the year do you do your scouting?
A: My scouting is year round. The heaviest scouting is usually right after deer season, just to get an idea which deer made it. To me that is very important.

Q: Do you use trail cameras to help you scout?
A: Yes! That is a big help for your scouting. It really helps you know what animals you have and try to put an age on your deer.

Q: Do you use food plots or other food type attractants?
A: I love food plots. The main time I hunt the food plot is in the afternoon. Food plots are very viable for your deer herd.

Q: How do you hunt big bucks before the rut and early in the bow season?
A: During the rut, I usually like to climb into my stand at 8 a.m. and sit all day if there have been a lot of does around and signs. For bow season, I’m usually around corn and bean fields and around White Oaks that are dropping acorns.

Q: How do you hunt scrapes during the pre-rut?
A: I find the one that is the freshest one and stay on it. If it’s not working, I go to another one.

Q: Do you use scent control products?
A: Yes, I always keep a bottle on me at all times.

Q: How important is wind direction when deciding where to hunt?
A: Very important, especially when you know you have a good buck in the area.

Q: Do you use attractant scents?
A: Sometimes. I really like the Buck Bomb.

Q: Do you use calls? If so, which ones and how much?
A: Primos Can – Grunt & Snort Wheeze

Q: What is your favorite time of the hunting season to hunt?
A: Every day it is open and the good Lord will allow me.
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