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Steven Reinhold Big Game Hunting Tips

Steven Reinhold

Mossy Oak ProStaff

Predator Regional Manager (East of the Mississippi River)

Question: What predators do you like to hunt?
Answer: Raccoons & coyotes.

Question: How do I find places to predator hunt?
Answer: Very easy, most farmers welcome predator hunters and also by scouting.

Question: Does predator control help other wildlife?
Answer: Yes, predation is one of the biggest killers of all game animals. By hunting them, it does control some of the population.

Question: What type of set up makes for a good calling stand?
Answer: I hunt mainly farmland and pastures.

Question: How well do I need to be hidden when calling predators?
Answer: You need to be concealed. Predators have very good eyesight.

Question: Do I need to be concerned about scent control?
Answer: Yes, scent plays a big role in predator hunting – especially wind direction.

Question: What type of calls do I need?
Answer: I mainly use hand calls but I also use electronic callers as well.

Question: Do you sell the pelts of the predators you take? If so, how?
Answer: Yes, I sell my hides to a local fur buyer.

Question: What type of firearm do you use?
Answer: Mainly a 12 ga. shotgun, but I also use a 22-250 caliber rifle.
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