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Tracy Groves Turkey Hunting Tips

Tracy Groves 

Q: Can you give me a few general tips on how I can be more successful this spring?

A: I think the best tip you can give anyone in the turkey woods is call soft and be patient. Every day is different and every bird is different. Have fun. 

Q: How much scouting should I do before the season?
A: The rule I use is 80-percent scouting and 20-percent hunting. You can never do enough scouting as long as you do not pressure the birds. Never scout by using a call.

Q: Is there a best call to use?

A: I prefer turkey calls made by Cody Calls. The mouth call lasts longer because of the type of latex they use, and I love the green slate friction call. They are the only company that makes a green slate call.

Q: Do I need to learn to use several different calls?

A: The more calls you know how to use the better chance you have in closing the deal. Every call has a little different sound, and you never know what they want to hear on any given day.

Q: What do you do to take care of your calls?

A: The way I take care of my mouth calls is by using a product call Diaphresh. It is a rinse that you put your calls in to kill the bacteria on the mouth call and it gives a mint flavor for the next time you use it. My friction calls I just keep in my vest

Q: What is a common mistake that turkey hunters make?
A: The number one mistake I think turkey hunters make is that they do not have enough patience. They try to get too close or they move too soon without allowing enough time for the bird to move toward them.

Q: Do you use decoys? If so how?

A: I do not use decoys very often, because where I hunt there is a lot of pressure and the birds get used to seeing decoys. If I go somewhere there is not a lot of pressure, then I will use a decoy.

Q: What should I do if I go out and don’t hear any gobbling?

A: If you do not hear any gobbling and you know that is there are birds in the area just sit and be patient. As the day goes on the barometric pressure will change and this will cause birds to gobble. 

Q: If I can hunt all day, is there a best time to hunt?

A: I like to hunt the first hour and between 10:30 a.m. and noon. The reason is because the first thing in the morning you may be able to get close enough to the roost tree to have them come check you out first thing. I like late morning because the gobblers are leaving the hens to look for more ladies to breed.
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